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Be the team at the centre of it all.

You might have worked in a production jobs environment before – but ours is like no other. Split across four unique areas, each serving an important purpose in the high value battery manufacturing process, our production teams are the people at the centre of everything we do. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to produce our world-leading battery technology. It’s a fast-moving environment that takes a special type of person to succeed in – but those that do will reap the rewards and have unbeatable opportunities to progress and grow with us.

Georgia started as Production manufacturing staff and has recently progressed to a stand-in team leader role. Working in our Area A, the clean room, she has been able to take on different challenges and variety in her role.

“I love to understand how things work and be able to find solutions to issues. Working here at AESC I get to apply my skills every day, working in a fast-paced and exciting environment. From starting my apprenticeship to my position as Team Leader today I have been able to work with great people and learn things I never would have thought possible.””

Georgia, Production Stand-In Team Leader

Area A

The days move quickly in Area A for our production jobs, where our team produces the cells needed to power the electric vehicles of the future. It’s a fast-paced, physical role where you’ll always be busy, whether you’re material loading or quickly responding to issues on the machines.

It’s a clean area and you’ll be working in a dry room climate-controlled environment, which means Production Operators in this area must wear clean room specific PPE. It can feel different at first, but our teams here relish the pace. Part of a team of 15 Operators, as well as Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers, the ability to communicate clearly and concisely and work efficiently is the key to success in Area A.

Our teams typically enjoy a four on/four off continental shift pattern that allows them to spend plenty of time doing the things they enjoy, and allows us to operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Area B

Area B is the area where we carry out the lengthy charging and activation process on our cells. With only five Operators per shift, this is a heavily automated environment that never stops – even on Christmas Day.

Technical production jobs involve lots of visual inspections and ensuring that facilities are running correctly. Although the pace is different to other areas of the plant, you’ll need to be on the ball to ensure products don’t spend too long in each section in this time-sensitive zone.

This area is also where accountability lies for the first response on environmental issues such as chemical spillages, so Operators in Area B need to be highly responsible and specifically trained to ensure everyone is kept safe. 

Area C

Focus and concentration is the key to success in Area C, the production line-style environment where our cells are stacked together to form modules. You’ll spend most of your time material loading, reacting to issues on the line and carrying out cell inspections, a specialist skill which requires additional cell inspection training to spot suspected defects.

It’s essential that production jobs move at pace in this area, and you’ll be working alongside state-of-the-art robot technology to help us maintain the speed we need to work at in order to succeed.

Like all our production areas, Production Operators in Area C are supported by Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Area D

Area D is where we carry out the final stage of our process – packing and wiring modules into a pack case before packing and shipping. Working with high-capability tooling (HCT), you’ll complete the assembly following visual aids and a standardised process.

This line doesn’t move continuously – you’ll be relied on to complete your task on time to ensure it can be released to the next station. Efficiency and attention to detail is key to success – but our advanced production systems mean you’ll always know where you are at each stage.

Unlike the other production areas at AESC UK, Production Operators here work across two shifts of days and lates, running in line with business needs.

Your Career Development.

We help you build the production jobs career you’ve always wanted.

Progression from within

We’re committed to developing our existing talent and rarely look outside for higher level roles. The majority of our Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers started their AESC careers on the shop floor. 

Clearly defined career paths

We have a transparent career path to make it easy for our people to see their next goal. Progression varies for each area, but generally you’ll follow an Operator > Key Operator > Stand-In Team Leader > Team Leader > Stand-In Supervisor > Supervisor pathway.

In-house training

Production Operators have the opportunity to complete a Production Evolution course, completing off-site training one day per week and walking away with an NVQ Level 3 Management qualification.

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