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Redefining the battery for a clean energy world.

We are committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation by developing the world’s safest and smartest electric vehicle batteries, right here in the UK. With our latest investment in an 11GWh Gigafactory and our continued investment in the people, partners and networks that we work with, we are cementing our position here in the UK as a key player in the continued global growth of an electrified world.

About Envision AESC UK.

Our record on safety is second to none

We are rightly proud of the zero rate of critical malfunction associated with our batteries. Our 300% safety ethos, based on the principles of nuclear power plant safety and security, ensures we are able to exceed safety expectations in our industry. With built-in mechanisms to prevent over-charging, voltage limiters and automatic anti-fire systems, we use multiple measures to ensure the safety of both employees, partners, customers and end-users, both in our existing site and forthcoming Gigafactory.

“Our batteries boast a superb safety and quality record. To date, our lithium-ion batteries manufactured in Japan, the US, and Europe have all been installed in over 600,000 electric vehicles with a zero rate of critical malfunction. We intend to maintain our excellent record, whilst we move forward with the development of our next-generation batteries.”
Shoichi Matsumoto
CEO of Envision AESC Group
battery manufacturers

…with sustainability at our core

Our plant development and Gigafactory will integrate seamlessly with respect to our community residents; we believe in working in harmony with those around us and making battery manufacturing cleaner, which can already be seen with our state-of-the-art smart green site in Shanghai, driven by renewable energy. By harnessing the principles of green energy production, we can help make a difference to our industry.

As battery producers, we owe it to the world to be concerned with what they are buying as raw materials and from whom. We are committed to sourcing sustainable and community-friendly raw materials for our battery products, tackling scarcity and human rights issues and avoiding environmental degradation wherever possible.

…and a solid path to growth…

We have a secure and growing future here at Envision AESC UK, both in our own operations and as part of our global parent companies. With huge global expansion, a new Gigafactory underway, new business innovations and a market developing at an incredible pace, there are solid opportunities for those working here in the North East of England.

We already have huge plans and commitments for the future, enabled by the creation of our state-of-the-art Gigafactory. With over 10 years of expertise in battery manufacture already under our belts, we also hold the expertise and workforce to ensure our processes match our world-leading technology.

…to help power the future.

Being part of Envision means being part of a high technology industry, moving at a rapid pace. By 2040 it is estimated that around 70 percent of all vehicles sold in Europe will be electric. This means a product at the early stages of its life cycle and a segment characterised by rapid growth, change and innovation in plant and Gigafactory processes. From the products we manufacture, to the way they are used, to the process used within their production, we are always looking to new ways of innovation and efficiency, helping us be part of the solution of future energy production.

“We are a unique company, that produces energy systems, the likes of which we have never seen before.’

- Hiroyuki Akashi – New Product Development

“We are a unique company, that produces energy systems, the likes of which we have never seen before.’

- Hiroyuki Akashi – New Product Development

Our Plant.

Our plant is central to everything we do at Envision AESC UK. It’s here that our world-leading, innovative battery solutions come to life

What We Do.

A UK leading producer of lithium-ion batteries, we make electrode cells, modules and packs for both automotive and non-automotive customers.

Working at Envision.

We are a group of unique individuals working together to help bring about a beautiful energy world. Find out more about what it’s like to be part of our team.

Envision AESC globally.

100 GWh of global battery production.

Part of the E-mobility Solutions division of the Envision Group, Envision AESC is the world’s leading battery technology company. From headquarters in Japan, to the latest Gigafactories in Asia, Europe, USA and beyond, Envision AESC has a global network of R&D and production centres, capable of meeting the demands of the automotive industry on a global scale.

With over a decade of experience in producing high quality batteries for electric vehicles. Our batteries have been road-tested in over 600,000 vehicles worldwide without a single critical battery failure.

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The Envision Group.

Solving the challenges for a sustainable future & creating a world full of beautiful energy.

A world-leading greentech company, Envision designs, sells and operates; smart wind turbines through Envision Energy; AIoT-powered batteries through Envision AESC; and the world’s largest AIoT operating system through Envision Digital. It also owns Envision Virgin Racing Formula E team.

Envision promotes; wind and solar power as the ‘new coal’; batteries and hydrogen fuels as the ‘new oil’; and the AIoT network as the ‘new grid’ to create a zero carbon world and was ranked among the Top 10 of the 2019 ‘World’s 50 Smartest Companies’ by the MIT Technology Review.

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Envision Group is divided into 3 pillars of operation.

Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions
“The old energy paradigm is breaking down and will be replaced by a new era of energy. Envision is leading a global energy technology revolution in an open and collaborative way. Together with world-class partners, we are dedicated to making the new era of beautiful energy a near-term reality.”
Lei Zhang
CEO of Envision Group
Executive Chairman of Envision AESC Group