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Rob – Maintenance apprenticeship Q&A

AESC is an organisation that prides itself on training its staff to become a highly skilled workforce. At the heart of this commitment is our four-year maintenance technician apprenticeship. It is the single biggest commitment, both in time and budget that we make in any of our staff.

Maintenance Technician Rob, who has just completed his apprenticeship achieving an Distinction shares his experience and advice.

Rob, what made you decide on AESC’s apprenticeship?

I was working in production and was keen to progress. I’d studied a level 3 course at college before coming here and wanted to keep developing. I’d strived to become a maintenance tech and having seen the AESC gigafactory it looked like an exciting opportunity.

How does it feel to have completed your apprenticeship?

I’m satisfied that I’ve completed it mixed with a bit of relief. It is a hard course but it has opened the door to a really rewarding career with AESC at the end of it.

How much have you learned during your time at college and with AESC?

I’ve learned a lot from the course. It’s given me knowledge and skills, taught me mechanical and electrical skills, PLC knowledge that I didn’t have, fault finding and also people skills leadership and how to work in a team.

The coursework has been great but you learn even more in the factory than you do in the college. I’ve come out of my apprenticeship confident that I have the skills and experience I need to be a successful part of the AESC maintenance team.

What are the most important things that you have learned on the course or on the shop floor over the past four years?

At the start of your apprenticeship you’re overwhelmed, there’s so much to learn. My now I’m confident I go to a breakdown and identify the problem. It’s a practical course and I can apply the skills I’ve learn to the challenges I find in the gigafactory. It’s rewarding to get the line running again, knowing you’ve found and fixed the fault and I now feel like a relied upon member of the team.

What advice would you give to people who are interested in a maintenance technician apprenticeship?

Ask as many questions as you can, there’s not such thing as a stupid question and be confident in yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you’ll develop a lot faster, you’ve got a supportive team around you that will make sure you don’t fail.