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Companies are required by law to report their gender pay gap for any legal entities in the UK with 250 or more employees. In this report, we provide our gender pay gap information for AESC UK Ltd, a UK legal entity through which staff are employed at our site in Sunderland.

AESC is the world’s leading battery technology company. Through AIoT-driven innovations in battery technology and multidisciplinary applications, AESC establishes scenarios to enable electric vehicles to participate in the renewable energy eco-system, and provides a dynamic balance to promote common development of clean energy and new energy electric vehicle industry.

Our batteries boast a superb safety and quality record. To date, our lithium-ion batteries manufactured in Japan, the US, and the UK have all been installed in over 800,000 electric vehicles with a zero rate of critical malfunction. We intend to maintain our excellent record, whilst we move forward with the development of our next generation batteries.

Our vision for the UK, is to create a place of work which values diversity and where employees feel valued and engaged within the business. We encourage career development across genders and seniority levels of the organisation through in house and external training and development.

Our Results:

‍We reward our staff fairly within an incremental pay system that provides equitable progression for male and female with policies in place that support gender equality. The results show that our mean gender pay gap is 1.9% whilst our median gender pay gap is -4.8%. This compares favourably to the Manufacturing industry average in the UK where a typical gender pay gap is around 15%, as reported by ONS 2021.

There is a disparity in the bonus pay gap, as with many companies, this is largely due to the lack of women at the most senior levels of our company, which is mainly driven by those applying for roles with us.

We are committed to having a diverse workforce with the right person carrying out the role, no matter their gender. We constantly review our recruitment and employment policies to ensure they are non-discriminatory. We are an equal opportunities employer and review all our advertisements for any gender bias.

As this is our first Gender Pay Gap report, we do not have any previous data to compare.

‍I can confirm that the information and data reported is accurate.

Chris Caygill

Managing Director