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Redefining the battery for a beautiful energy world.

A UK-leading producer of lithium-ion batteries, as battery manufacturers we make cells, modules and packs for both automotive and non-automotive customers. From transportation to grid and home energy, batteries harness the power to change the way we live for a more sustainable future. We are proud to be part of that future.

“In the future, we will redefine batteries. We will use innovative materials to increase energy density and decrease the cost. By adopting artificial intelligence, we can predict risks before they appear. Through AIoT, we will turn an electric car into a green mobile personal energy source. It will absorb more green energy, and make power grids more stable and safer.”
Lei Zhang
CEO of Envision Group
Executive Chairman of AESC Group

A more efficient, flexible & safer next-generation battery.

Our products balance reliability with quality, innovation and safety.

An historic focus on R&D means we hold the competitive edge across both our processes and the products we manufacture – with more than 2,000 patents registered worldwide, covering chemical and structural designs across battery blocks, battery modules BMS battery packs.

Our customers count on us as experienced battery manufacturers for peace of mind, reliability and safety, with over 450k data points recorded on each battery pack, we are committed to quality outputs, with the IATF 16949 standard in R&D, quality control and manufacturing adopted across our business. We supply global clients with well-proven products, which are continuously improved upon through PDCA method to provide customers with the highest quality, and the most professional solutions.

Flexible product design

Able to adapt to various battery pack sizes with flexible series-parallel modes

Higher volumetric efficiency

High space utilization efficiency with a greater module energy capability

Greater thermal management

Holds a higher charging and discharging power, allowing it to adapt to various thermal management architectures (liquid cooling / air cooling /heating)

“Our goal is to be the world’s leading AIoT battery company. To this end we must maintain the safety, quality and cutting-edge technology that we have already established.”
Shoichi Matsumoto
CEO of AESC Group
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About Us.

As battery manufacturers, we are committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation by developing the world’s safest and smartest electric vehicle batteries, right here in the UK.

Working at Envision.

A UK leading producer of lithium-ion batteries, we make electrode cells, modules and packs for both automotive and non-automotive customers.

Our Plant.

Our plant is central to everything we do at AESC UK. It’s here that our world-leading, innovative battery solutions come to life.